Do you earn enough for a
decent standard of living in London?

Answer three short questions and find out the minimum income for your family type.

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The Minimum Income Standard for London shows how much money people need, so that they can buy things that members of the public think that everyone in London should be able to afford.

  • Figures are based on public views about a minimum standard that nobody should fall below.
  • It does not show you what you require to meet all your individual needs, and is not suitable for use as a personal budgeting tool.
  • Find out more about Minimum Income Standards.
  • Read the 2017 report on the Minimum Income Standard for the UK.

Calculator figures updated to April 2017 prices.

About the MIS

The Minimum Income Standard for the UK (MIS) is based on what members of the public think is an acceptable living standard in our society. It shows how much income is needed to buy a 'basket' of goods to let someone participate in society.

Launched in 2008, the MIS is updated every year. It is a major research project bringing together expertise from Loughborough and York Universities and funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. A London version of MIS was funded by Trust for London in 2014 and is being uprated for inflation thereafter.

The main MIS website gives details of the project, presents the results of the study and includes discussion papers about the research: